Reference photos

Do you require high-quality reference photos, to compare dye penetrant panel results to confirm the dye penetrant inspection process was successful, before initiating production control? 

BABBCO’s graphic services laboratory can produce reference shots for dye penetrant and magnetic particle inspection. 

Our photo services are performed in our laboratory or on the customer’s premises. A certificate is issued for each service.

Photo quality

Produced according to technical specifications XP CEN/TS 17100 and NADCAP AC7114/1:

  • full-scale photos 
  • visible under UV-A
  • no parasitic blue background
  • high resolution

BABBCO’s digital imaging department offers exceptional services:

  • special highly fluorescent photographic print media for optimal reproduction of fluorescent indications on actual panels. 
  • tamper-proof photos in A4 format, varnished on demand for optimal conservation, even under workshop conditions.
  • photos according to a precise colorimetric profile: no parasitic blue background or fluorescent background, a requirement  for perfect comparison with the original panel.

Inspection facilitation

The panel’s fluorescent indications (PSM-5, NiCr, etc.) are fluorescently reproduced on the photo so the inspector  does not have to leave the booth to view the photo correctly. Their adjustment to darkness is maintained, allowing them to work under optimal conditions. 

The images are also presented against a non-fluorescent background to avoid discommoding the inspector.

Special services

BABBCO’s digital imaging department offers special services:

  • photos can be produced in accordance with a detailed operating method supplied by customers or our standard process, we will use products identical to those you use (custom service).
  • Sizing (standard or HD) can be performed to:
    • provide initial dimensions. Measurement of initial indications is carried out under operational conditions of use, and is referred to as the “baseline”.
    • control the degradation of indications. A comparison is made between baseline and annual measurements according to NADCAP criteria.
  • The reference images are taken in HD in accordance with the XP CEN/TS 17100 standard:
    • the use of a resolution test chart ensures the measurements are accurate.
    • a physical reproduction of the image is validated by the visibility of a 50 µm resolution pattern.

PSM5 dye penetrant inspection panel after the fluorescent NDT process. The stars are the indications created, and reveal the artificial defects.
Mobile set-up: a photographic laboratory technician’s equipment at a customer’s premises.